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Spring favorites 3. Denim

This spring I'm trading in my safari jacket for denim, in any shape or form it comes in. A good denim jacket is a staple for anyone's spring summer closet. Get creative with your denim jacket this year, or better yet, wear it with more denim.

denim inspiration from free people, madewell, asos and h&m

Chilly, cloudy and slushy

  Didn't I tell you it was going to snow again? I just knew that Montreal winter wouldn't let spring come without a fight and sure enough, as I got out of bed today it was snowing outside, kind of. We're in that weird, confused transition phase between winter and spring that gives slush rather than snow or rain. So this is what I wore.
I bought this amazingly shapeless oversized sweater on sale at zara last week, which seemed ridiculous at the time because it was "spring" but now I just want to stay in this sweater forever. The blazer is also from zara. When it's rainy/ snowy/ slushy outside, I choose to stay away from wool coats or down coat because they get wet and heavy. My trusty ankle boots seriously work for every weather. Most people were wearing rain boots today, but my feet stayed dry and warm. For extra warmth I wore a slip dress under my giant sweater and an extra pair of tights :P

Sunny, snow melty days

 After 5 brutal months of winter, the wool coat that was once your favorite find becomes your most dreaded enemy. Leather jackets, or in my case fake leather jackets, I find are the perfect alternative to wool coats for chilly spring ish days. Wear it with a couple layers underneath and you wonder why you wore your wool coat for so long. Plus, leather jackets do a way better job of keeping the wind out.

Spring favorites 2. Palazzo pants

Continuing with my favorites for spring, I present palazzo pants. Fancy name for wide legged pants that usually come in silky, or light fabric. They do nothing good for my short legs but they're perfect for the breezy spring days. They're loose enough to keep you cool but still keep your legs covered. Here are some of my favorites from free people, zara and forever 21.

My pastel

The weather in montreal has been freakishly warm, allowing me to wear my light pastel sweater with a skirt and no tights! None at all! But I'm still not convinced that this is the beginning of happier and warmer times, in fact I'm expecting a snowstorm any day now. This is why I'm still wearing my booties with everything, you never know when you're going to get an inch of snow.
Lets talk about these booties for a bit. I LOVE them. They're the perfect shoes to help you transition from winter to spring. You can wear them through snow and rain but they're not so hot that your calves start sweating if you wear them in warm weather. Ew that's gross, but you've all been there.

Meet the storm trooper

Welcome to my new blog! The storm trooper is about looking (or at least trying to look) fashionable even when forced to face the harsh and often unpredictable weather of Montreal. (This has nothing to do with Star wars whatsoever)
So lets talk spring. I'm not actually convinced it's spring yet. So I still have my wool coats and such on emergency stand by just in case montreal decides that this week was just a solar flare mishap and in fact, we're still very much in the middle of winter. Nevertheless, it is warm.. at least for now, so I'll be posting some of my favorite trends for this spring for the next few days.
Today we'll start with

1. Pastels, mint green and pastel pants in particular.
I love pastels so you can imagine how delighted I was to see pastel pants popping up everywhere lately. My recent experimentation with yellow pants has made me obsessed with pants that come in any color but blue.

clutch asos, wedges hm, sunglasses shopbop, yellow and mint pants zara, lilac pants j brand, orange pants monki, watch asos

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