Chilly, cloudy and slushy

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  Didn't I tell you it was going to snow again? I just knew that Montreal winter wouldn't let spring come without a fight and sure enough, as I got out of bed today it was snowing outside, kind of. We're in that weird, confused transition phase between winter and spring that gives slush rather than snow or rain. So this is what I wore.
I bought this amazingly shapeless oversized sweater on sale at zara last week, which seemed ridiculous at the time because it was "spring" but now I just want to stay in this sweater forever. The blazer is also from zara. When it's rainy/ snowy/ slushy outside, I choose to stay away from wool coats or down coat because they get wet and heavy. My trusty ankle boots seriously work for every weather. Most people were wearing rain boots today, but my feet stayed dry and warm. For extra warmth I wore a slip dress under my giant sweater and an extra pair of tights :P

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