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The weather in montreal has been freakishly warm, allowing me to wear my light pastel sweater with a skirt and no tights! None at all! But I'm still not convinced that this is the beginning of happier and warmer times, in fact I'm expecting a snowstorm any day now. This is why I'm still wearing my booties with everything, you never know when you're going to get an inch of snow.
Lets talk about these booties for a bit. I LOVE them. They're the perfect shoes to help you transition from winter to spring. You can wear them through snow and rain but they're not so hot that your calves start sweating if you wear them in warm weather. Ew that's gross, but you've all been there.


  1. love this outfit!

    allyssa, can you post where you got your boots/blouse/skirt?! i NEED that skirt!

  2. Thanks katie! Boots are from american eagle website/ blouse is from gap, but i bought it last year unfortunately and skirt is from forever 21 from like... 2 years ago, but I'm sure they have similar ones this year.

  3. oh my dear gurl, love your skirt! very street :D

    love to see more so,
    i'm following you now!
    hope you Follow me back dear <3


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