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Back to winter?

Aaak! it snowed! Montreal, why are you doing this to me?
So we seem to be going back to winter, or we already went through summer and fall... Despite the weather outside, I refuse to wear my winter coat again. I REFUSE! So I have to wear a hundred layers to stay warm. 
This outfit is from actual winter but it seems to apply despite the fact that it's almost May. Wearing my leather jacket to keep the wind out, a wool circle scarf that my boyfriend knit me :),  a maxi skirt because they're fun in the wind, and thick leggings under my maxi skirt to stay secretly warm (See, you wouldn't have even guessed that I was wearing leggings under my skirt unless I told you).

DIY all weather vest

   My boyfriend gave me the idea for this but since I actually made it, I'm going to take all the credit :P I made this trench coat vest out of a regular trench coat that I bought for 25$(!) at old navy.
This vest is pretty much appropriate for whatever Montreal decides to throw at me depending on what I wear under it... or don't wear under it. You can make the same thing by cutting off the sleeves of any trench coat. So easy! I went a little detail crazy and added the storm patch, shoulder details, new tortoise shell buttons and another pair of buttons.




 So last week I was enjoying warm weather, prancing around in shorts and now it's cold again and rainy. I'm also miserably sick. Combination of being sick and depressing weather makes me not want to do anything. (which is why these pictures are not in a nice collage like the other posts)
But if I was able to gather enough energy in my disease infested body to go outside I would like to be wearing any of these lovely rain coats. Especially the lace one from free people. How cool is that??




free people


muji, via

Minty fresh

Mint green pants! Mint green pants! Mint green pants! I finally got my mint green pants. I was about to buy the ones from zara and then my wallet cried out in protest so I left the store and then just as I was making my way home... conveniently through h&m, I found mint green pants for half the price. It was meant to be. I paired it with my favorite silver sweater that's just porous enough that I can wear it in warmer weather without sweating bullets.

Pretty rainboots, On sale!

Check out these rainboots. Yes, These stylish booties are made out of rubber! My roommate has these and they look good with everything. The best part is, you can get them half off now on refinery29!

Sweater weather

  On slightly breezy days I love wearing giant oversized sweaters. Actually, I choose to wear them regardless of what the weather is. When transitioning from winter to spring, I switch from wool sweaters to cotton. This way I can pretty much wear the same thing all year around.
I got this amazing men's cotton fisherman's sweater from h&m on sale and it's pretty much everything I could ask for from a sweater. It's chunky, it's giant, and I can wear it well into summer... canadian summer. I liked it so much I made my boyfriend get one too, twinsies :)

That's my roommate's dog, not some random animal I made friends with while taking these photos.

wind chill

When it's sunny outside, I walk out thinking I'll be embraced by the glorious warmth of the sun, but instead I get slapped in the face by the bitter cold wind that's still sticking around. Why are you still here?
Anyways, here is how I stay "windproof"
Choose materials that are less permeable: ie. leather. Yes those are leather pants, (If you're thinking about the episode of Friends where Ross gets stuck in the bathroom covered in baby powder with his leather pants around his ankles, you're not the only one.)
Cover your neck: A little breeze down my neck is enough to make my body temp drop a degree or two. I love this fur trim because I can attach it to pretty much any coat and I don't need to have it constantly wrapped around my neck.
Cami: If you wear an oversized sweater (which I always do) wear a tight cami under, otherwise you'll have some cool ventilation system going on under your shirt.
Oh and hair up to avoid the tangled mess after a windy day. 

Side note: like my nails? I did them myself. Leopard print with gold!

Spring favorites 5. Neon accents

There was a lot of neon everywhere last summer but this year I'm liking the subtle neon accents more. It's a little less eighties and surprising classy looking considering the fact that you're wearing highlighter colors. Pair it with neutrals, greys  or white to add a little something to your outfit.


There is still a chill in the air, so I can't quite let go of my knitwear yet. But they're getting thinner and the sleeves are getting shorter, this one is even a low back! (I added the criss cross detail on the back, you like?) Also, please note the ankle exposure! Scandalous, I know. My winter boots have officially retired for the season. If you haven't already, bring your boots to the shoe repair shop to get them cleaned. I believe shoe repair people are magical people, capable to doing things that we humans can't even imagine, ie getting the salt stains off my boots that's been collecting for the last 4 months.
Happy Easter everyone! 

Spring favorites 4. Floral

   What would spring be without an explosion of floral patterned everything? So obviously, my other spring favorite is floral print but this year I'm obsessed, and I really do mean OBSESSED with floral print pants. (I'll actually lose my head if I don't get my hands on a pair of floral print jeans). I've seen some pretty nice floral print pants, not jeans, but I think that's dangerously close to something my middle aged overweight teachers used to wear.  The only problem is that the only nice jeans I've found so far are beyond what my bank account sadly informs me I am able to afford. The pants below are j- brand, sevens, and some other ones that cost something like 200$ which I don't spend on any item of clothing. If you find some that are affordable, please contact me! This season, go big and loud with your floral print, not the itty bitty ones that you can't see.
 Oh and I don't support guns, even if it has a cool flower print.

Here are some ideas for what to wear with floral print

Sunny, but still chilly

   When the sun comes out, the natural desire is to wear colors as bright as the sun. But sometimes, just because the sun is out, it doesn't actually mean it's warm. In this case, I prefer to wear black so that I can absorb the warmth of the sun, and get away with wearing less layers :)

Still winter

So we're back to winter over here, it even snowed. I went to Quebec city for the weekend where it was actually even colder than Montreal. Doesn't mean I can't wear my bright yellow pants (even if it's with one.. or two pairs of tights underneath! When spring just doesn't seem to be in the near horizon wearing the typical grays and blacks of winter clothing just makes the situation seem worse. I like to brighten up my grayscale wardrobe with some color. Besides, gray looks good with pretty much any color.
I also need to make a special shout out to this zara sweater. It has the same texture as the rug you put at the front entrance and it looks more like a poncho than sweater but I love it. When forced to wear nothing but wool, you have experiment with the different forms wool comes in.

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