Spring favorites 4. Floral

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   What would spring be without an explosion of floral patterned everything? So obviously, my other spring favorite is floral print but this year I'm obsessed, and I really do mean OBSESSED with floral print pants. (I'll actually lose my head if I don't get my hands on a pair of floral print jeans). I've seen some pretty nice floral print pants, not jeans, but I think that's dangerously close to something my middle aged overweight teachers used to wear.  The only problem is that the only nice jeans I've found so far are beyond what my bank account sadly informs me I am able to afford. The pants below are j- brand, sevens, and some other ones that cost something like 200$ which I don't spend on any item of clothing. If you find some that are affordable, please contact me! This season, go big and loud with your floral print, not the itty bitty ones that you can't see.
 Oh and I don't support guns, even if it has a cool flower print.

Here are some ideas for what to wear with floral print

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