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When it's sunny outside, I walk out thinking I'll be embraced by the glorious warmth of the sun, but instead I get slapped in the face by the bitter cold wind that's still sticking around. Why are you still here?
Anyways, here is how I stay "windproof"
Choose materials that are less permeable: ie. leather. Yes those are leather pants, (If you're thinking about the episode of Friends where Ross gets stuck in the bathroom covered in baby powder with his leather pants around his ankles, you're not the only one.)
Cover your neck: A little breeze down my neck is enough to make my body temp drop a degree or two. I love this fur trim because I can attach it to pretty much any coat and I don't need to have it constantly wrapped around my neck.
Cami: If you wear an oversized sweater (which I always do) wear a tight cami under, otherwise you'll have some cool ventilation system going on under your shirt.
Oh and hair up to avoid the tangled mess after a windy day. 

Side note: like my nails? I did them myself. Leopard print with gold!


  1. so cute! how did you do your nails?!

  2. thanks katie! it' actually pretty easy. I'll post a how to thing later :)


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