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18° C occasionally sunny

So it seems that if complain about the weather enough, it will actually change. Maybe it's because Montreal weather is always changing but I'm going to say it's from the power of my whining. It was a lot less humid for a few days which was awesome! So I was running around wearing my favorite trench vest again which was just enough to keep me warm in the cool breeze.

and then of course, it just couldn't stay like that so then came the rain...
Did anyone else get caught in that torrential downpour yesterday? I was evacuated out of a mall because it was flooding everywhere. Kind of reminded me of that last scene in titanic, only a little less dramatic.  Full disclosure, my outfit yesterday was  not weather proof, except my leather booties!

27° C with chance of rain

Remember when I said I would be complaining about this heat? Here it is,
It's sooo hot and sticky! It was supposed to rain today so all day there was an unnecessary amount of humidity lingering in the air constantly reminding me of the imminent thundershower. I don't mind dry heat, but when it sticks to my clothes and smothers me in a steam cloud of my own sweat, it makes me want to rip my clothes off. It's not so bad now because there is some wind but I just know it's just going to get worse.
To stay cool,
I wore a loose shirt, loose skorts (yes, skirt shorts. You judge now but when you get on a bike with your mini skirt you will wish you had skorts as awesome as mine), my booties in case it rains, and a denim shirt to cover my shirt which will become entirely see through when I get caught in the rain.

Retro sunny days

I'm loving this vintage SoCal inspired lookbook by the LA line Laugh Cry Repeat. This is what I would like my summer to look like if I was a leggy blond.

25°C Sunny

It's hot hot hot!  I know I'll be whining about the heat after about two more days of this but for now I'm spending my days prancing around in short shorts.
This navy blue blazer was not the best thing to wear since it was like a sauna in there but I liked how it made me feel less like a hippie or a three year old wearing rompers.

18° sunny, windy

I don't want to jinx it or anything... but I think we're finally on our way to summer. hurrah!
It's too hot for leather jackets now, so I decided to wear this outfit with my utility jacket. After my trench vest DIY, I just don't want sleeves anymore, so I might chop off the sleeves on this jacket too. Stay tuned for that!

23° C and Sunny

Warmth! On my face! The weather Gods have heard my plea. I enjoyed the glorious sunshine today by going on a picnic with my roommate and her Dog and we concluded that picnics are the BEST.
So is this skirt. I bought it on sale at urban outfitters a while ago and I pretty much want to live in it.

Grey skies and some neon

Here is a glimpse of Montreal's forecast for the next week
Sunday: Cloudy, Monday: Isolated showers, Tuesday: Light rain Wednesday: More rain etc..
I need to see some sun or feel some warmth on my face or I'm actually going to shut down (I like to think of myself as being solar powered). As a vacation in the sunny coast of mexico is out the question, (thank you boss and bank account) I need to bring some bright things into my life some other way, through NEON.
A little inspiration from the last sass&bide runway lead to this Super Easy DIY project

All you need

- A big necklace (I chose a giant chunky wooden necklace, but a giant tacky rhinestone prom necklace also looks really good when spray painted neon, but those things are actually quite expensive, who knew?!)
- Fluorescent Spray paint
- Place to spray paint things (kitchen or bedroom is not a good idea, I chose my balcony, which is now fluorescent yellow)

- If your necklace is flat, lay it down on a piece of newspaper or if yours is chunky like mine hang it on a clothes hanger and hold it up by the clothes hanger or hang it to some thing.

- Spray paint an even coat just once or twice and let it dry. Turn your necklace over and do the same. Don't spray paint too much at once because the paint will start dripping or pool in certain spots. The paint will also easily come off as soon as it dries.

- Repeat that step until you've reached the desired neon level.

- Leave it outside for DAYS. I wore this necklace as soon as it was dry and the fumes killed too many brain cells and now I type really slowly with two fingers, articulating each word I type out loud. Jk, but it did make me nauseous for an entire afternoon.

Here is how it turned out

check out my new shoes! 

Rain rain go away

Sorry I was temporarily MIA but I needed to take a break from the grey skies of Montreal to go enjoy the even greyer skies of Cambridge…  Ontario, not UK. I miss the days when my sister and my boyfriend were in cool places to visit like Rome. I still had an awesome weekend of mostly stuffing my face. Now I'm back and surprise surprise, it is still raining. 
Here are some rain themed photos I found.

via fashiongonerogue


via weheartit

via weheartit

via thefancy, ysl rain cape

Spring in my step

Remember that vest I made a few days back? I've actually been wearing it almost every day since we've been having the craziest weather. Here I decided to wear it with a denim shirt which is thick enough for the breeze but not too hot in the sun. I'll probably be experimenting with different sleeves for this vest until you all get so sick of seeing me in this.
On another note, My friend lent me the coolest sparkly nail polish that kind of looks like stars when you put it on, so decided to waste a lot of my time to do some cosmic nail art. It actually didn't take too long, just a lot of tiny sponges and patience.

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