27° C with chance of rain

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Remember when I said I would be complaining about this heat? Here it is,
It's sooo hot and sticky! It was supposed to rain today so all day there was an unnecessary amount of humidity lingering in the air constantly reminding me of the imminent thundershower. I don't mind dry heat, but when it sticks to my clothes and smothers me in a steam cloud of my own sweat, it makes me want to rip my clothes off. It's not so bad now because there is some wind but I just know it's just going to get worse.
To stay cool,
I wore a loose shirt, loose skorts (yes, skirt shorts. You judge now but when you get on a bike with your mini skirt you will wish you had skorts as awesome as mine), my booties in case it rains, and a denim shirt to cover my shirt which will become entirely see through when I get caught in the rain.

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  1. this look is so effortlessly chic! and the theme of your blog is too clever!



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