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Rainy day projects: Studded tote bag

A few weeks ago I bought a giant bag of rivets and since then I've been putting them on everything that comes my way. This tote bag is one of the more successful products of my rivet frenzy. I know this has nothing to do with the weather today but maybe you need something to do while you sit at home all day trying to escape the scalding hot sun. Whatever your situation may be, I hope you enjoy this DIY project

You will need
- a tote bag
- rivets
- ruler, and chalk or pencil to do the measuring
- straight flat object to push in the rivet points
- hot glue gun


- Decide how far apart you want your rivets to be (I made mine about 2.5 inches apart)
- Measure the height and width of your tote and divide by the space you want in between each rivet

- Then place the rivets and push them in where you want them and fold in the points all the way down. (It helps to use something to push them down, like scissors or a nail file)
(I found it was a lot better to eyeball it as I was going by placing a couple rivets where I wanted them instead of just depending on the measurements)

 - Once you've pushed in all the rivets, place a small dab of hot glue on the inside of each rivet to hold the rivet to the fabric. Let the glue cool, and you're done!

decente aux enfers

Ok, maybe the title is a slight exaggeration but I do fear we are headed for another heat wave, and with the forecast predicting thunder showers, the humidity is only going to get worse. At least it stopped raining :)
So a little change of setting. I moved into a new apartment (which i'll blame for my absence but really I've been MIA because I've been watching sex and the city non stop).  Also my lovely roommate who used to take pictures for me moved back to Vancouver :( so now the pictures will mostly be in my apartment, but maybe this means I'll post more often.

Anywho back to storm trooping. Here's my outfit to avoid a heat stroke

Smoothie weather

I thought it was hot before and then within a couple days it got even hotter. Impossibly hot! My phone actually died from heat exhaustion or something and I'm spending most of my days in my underwear, in front of my fan at all times, watching the arctic chapter of planet earth. As I have mentioned before, this kind of weather makes me not want to do anything, like eating (and blogging apparently, oops).
To keep cool (and to prevent starvation) I've been making delicious and healthy smoothies because no one need to load up on calories during bikini season.

Makes 2 large servings

- two large hand fulls of kale leaves (pull off the stems because the stems are bitter)
- 1 frozen banana (I peeled and chopped bananas and froze them in bag)
- 1/2 mango, peeled, cut into cubes
- 1/2 cup of cilantro or mint leaves (not packed)
- 1 granny smith apple, cut into cubes
- juice of one lemon
- 1 cup orange juice, water or ice cubes
- 2 tsp freshly grated ginger 

Some other things you can add
- pineapples
- berries
- carrots
- celery

Blend everything
i know it looks like pesto, but it's delicious
Side note: there's been a huge "juicing" trend going around, can someone explain to me why juicing is better? because I don't get it. 

20° light rain shower

And... it's raining again. We're just having a very rainy summer this year. Today I'm mostly staying inside making a sweater. I'm stuck on the sleeves, stuck on making the sleeves not physically stuck in sleeves, so I decided to do a little blogging.
For the storm troopers out there, here are my suggestions for staying rainproof
1. Wear fake leather. It's basically plastic unlike real leather which will get damaged in the rain. (see aren't you glad you chose the cheaper fake leather jacket?)
2. Instead of rainboots wear fake leather ankle boots, or platform wedges. Unless you're planning to go jumping in puddles, ankle boots will keep your feet perfectly dry
3. Stay away, far away from jeans, suede, maxi skirts, sheer anything and flats (toms included). Ugh what's worse then walking around in soggy flats? walking around in soggy jeans that NEVER dry no matter how long you've been inside. When it's raining I usually wear my fake leather pants. Waxed jeans will also do the trick. Shorts or skirts are also good options because it's way easier to dry your legs than your pants.
5. You can weather proof any of your jackets with shoe protector or wax. Stay tuned for the DIY post!

Frostbites: Cold soba noodle salad

My first food post on this blog! For this section of my blog I'll be posting recipes featuring ingredients that are in season and also just random awesome recipes that I find.

When it gets hot outside, I pretty much want to stop eating in fear of my metabolism increasing my body temperature. But I love food, so I can't just stop eating. My solution? Eat cold things. (Although I've heard that eating cold things actually makes you hotter... but that can't be true, no one eats ice cream in the winter... well I do, but only because I have an addiction)
I found this wonderful recipe (here: for soba noodle salad which is perfect for this time of year because you can serve it cold and it has asparagus and cucumbers which are both in season. You can substitute the soba for quinoa which also tastes awesome.

 Please refer to the link for the recipe and instructions. (I feel bad for posting someone else's writing and I'm too lazy to write it up myself)

 For the dressing I halved the recipe.

Tips for zesting/ juicing a lemon
Zest before you juice! Otherwise you end up trying to zest a squishy lemon that doesn't work very well.
If you don't have a zester.. get one, they're awesome, but your cheese grater will work pretty well.

Before you juice a lemon, microwave your lemon for 10-30 seconds and roll it over a counter pressing on it slightly. This will give you more juice.
If you have a lemon zester, you can use it to grate ginger too!

 I found the world's tiniest honey bear jar

The recipe calls for "shoyu" sauce, which is same thing as soy sauce.
In restrospect, I think you can skip the olive oil...
since you put in lots of sesame oil
I chopped my cucumber into long thin slices like noodles

Make sure to cut off the tough ends of the asparagus, the best way is to snap off the ends.

Once the noodles and asparagus are done, drain and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process.

I topped my salad with some peanuts and served it cold even though the recipe says to serve it warm.


It's too hot today. I'd like to go for a swim...

photos via fashion gone rogue

If this isn't the most beautiful editorial, I don't know what is. It actually makes me want to be a mermaid. Why don't dresses look like this on land?

Need a vacation

Where have I been?? Nowhere interesting unless you count the Star wars exhibit at the science center interesting... which I do.
I've been uber stressed lately trying to make a lot life decisions while working a full time job, finding a new apartment, and also trying to have a life. Why is being an adult so difficult? This overload of stress has resulted in an almost complete abandonment of my blog.  My bad.
I love montreal, I really do, and the weather has actually been very cooperative for at least the last 3 days (except when it rained on me right as I was getting out of work), but lately I just want to leave. I've been reading eat pray love, so the idea of quitting my job and eating in italy for 4 months seems like a really great idea.
In addition to italy, these other places will also suffice

hitachi seaside park, japan

East Mauritius
pretoria, south africa
roca vecchia, italy
alicante, spain
railay beach, thailand
photos via thefancy

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