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And... it's raining again. We're just having a very rainy summer this year. Today I'm mostly staying inside making a sweater. I'm stuck on the sleeves, stuck on making the sleeves not physically stuck in sleeves, so I decided to do a little blogging.
For the storm troopers out there, here are my suggestions for staying rainproof
1. Wear fake leather. It's basically plastic unlike real leather which will get damaged in the rain. (see aren't you glad you chose the cheaper fake leather jacket?)
2. Instead of rainboots wear fake leather ankle boots, or platform wedges. Unless you're planning to go jumping in puddles, ankle boots will keep your feet perfectly dry
3. Stay away, far away from jeans, suede, maxi skirts, sheer anything and flats (toms included). Ugh what's worse then walking around in soggy flats? walking around in soggy jeans that NEVER dry no matter how long you've been inside. When it's raining I usually wear my fake leather pants. Waxed jeans will also do the trick. Shorts or skirts are also good options because it's way easier to dry your legs than your pants.
5. You can weather proof any of your jackets with shoe protector or wax. Stay tuned for the DIY post!

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