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Ok, maybe the title is a slight exaggeration but I do fear we are headed for another heat wave, and with the forecast predicting thunder showers, the humidity is only going to get worse. At least it stopped raining :)
So a little change of setting. I moved into a new apartment (which i'll blame for my absence but really I've been MIA because I've been watching sex and the city non stop).  Also my lovely roommate who used to take pictures for me moved back to Vancouver :( so now the pictures will mostly be in my apartment, but maybe this means I'll post more often.

Anywho back to storm trooping. Here's my outfit to avoid a heat stroke


  1. So cute, I love this whole look! Yellow looks great on you. P.s. happy belated! When is your next visit?!?

  2. May I add some ideas: If it gets that hot, don't wear chiffon or polyester because it's sooooo hot in it! :D Silk, Cotton or linen is the perfect material :)

  3. Thanks priscilla, those are the ones I convinced karen to get and then i had to get some for myself.

    Thanks katie! I'm going to cambridge this sunday actually

    You make a really good point Victoria. When I do wear chiffon or polyester I think it's important to keep it really loose so you don't have to worry about it sticking to you. I agree, cotton and linen are great for hot weather since they're so breathable.


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