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Where have I been?? Nowhere interesting unless you count the Star wars exhibit at the science center interesting... which I do.
I've been uber stressed lately trying to make a lot life decisions while working a full time job, finding a new apartment, and also trying to have a life. Why is being an adult so difficult? This overload of stress has resulted in an almost complete abandonment of my blog.  My bad.
I love montreal, I really do, and the weather has actually been very cooperative for at least the last 3 days (except when it rained on me right as I was getting out of work), but lately I just want to leave. I've been reading eat pray love, so the idea of quitting my job and eating in italy for 4 months seems like a really great idea.
In addition to italy, these other places will also suffice

hitachi seaside park, japan

East Mauritius
pretoria, south africa
roca vecchia, italy
alicante, spain
railay beach, thailand
photos via thefancy

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