Rainy day projects: Studded tote bag

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A few weeks ago I bought a giant bag of rivets and since then I've been putting them on everything that comes my way. This tote bag is one of the more successful products of my rivet frenzy. I know this has nothing to do with the weather today but maybe you need something to do while you sit at home all day trying to escape the scalding hot sun. Whatever your situation may be, I hope you enjoy this DIY project

You will need
- a tote bag
- rivets
- ruler, and chalk or pencil to do the measuring
- straight flat object to push in the rivet points
- hot glue gun


- Decide how far apart you want your rivets to be (I made mine about 2.5 inches apart)
- Measure the height and width of your tote and divide by the space you want in between each rivet

- Then place the rivets and push them in where you want them and fold in the points all the way down. (It helps to use something to push them down, like scissors or a nail file)
(I found it was a lot better to eyeball it as I was going by placing a couple rivets where I wanted them instead of just depending on the measurements)

 - Once you've pushed in all the rivets, place a small dab of hot glue on the inside of each rivet to hold the rivet to the fabric. Let the glue cool, and you're done!

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